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12/25/12 03:26 PM #1    

Tammy Freer

Welcome to the Blacksburg High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/29/13 07:17 PM #2    

Ed Kirkman

Since the next one is a big one, how about a T-shirt for the 50th ? We have 5 years to work on the design !

Loved th 45, I think I had the most fun ! It was great to see everyone and catch up. '68 has got to have the best reunions,




07/30/13 11:07 AM #3    

Janis Perdue (Wilfore)

It was truly a fabulous weekend.  I talked and talked and still did not get around to see everyone.  My apologies, because I did want to speak with each person.  I had the best time and this was definitely one of the best reunions yet.  Everyone mingled and visited.  The Indian Gods looked down and blesssed us with good weather, good food and the best of all, good friends.  Thanks to you, Class of 1968.  Janis Perdue Wilfore

07/31/13 01:06 PM #4    

Heather Fite

It was a wonderful weekend.  I think we broke the fun meter!  To see old friends and receive such a warm welcome from each and every one of you was very moving.  Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart.  I'll be looking forward to the 50th!



08/01/13 09:47 AM #5    

Joan Nowlin (Henderson)

Dear classmates, I write this with tears as I reflect how I have neglected seeing all of you for 45 years!  I will admit if Jimmy Bland had not called I would not have attended! I did not realize how important all of you were in shaping my life!


I wish all of you the best and hope to see you for our 50th!  JoanNowlin henderson

08/03/13 02:28 PM #6    

Jude Myers (Kitchen)

Well, friends,

Another great reunion!  I have so many special memories from each reunion.  It's always hard trying to catch up in such a short period of time, but we manage and come away with fond memories that we hadn't thought about forever!  (And maybe for good reason). Lol   Looking forward to and hoping I will see each and everyone at our 50th!


Jude Myers Kitchen 


09/27/13 10:35 AM #7    

Jane Buchanan (Broadwater)

Just wanted to add my 2 cents that this past reunion was terrific!!  It was so much fun and as others have said, it's hard catching up with everyone in such a short time...but we'll keep trying!!  Please try your hardest to make the 50th reunion!  You really don't realize what you are missing!  For those of you who went to Virginia Tech and get the magazine Spheres (from College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences) be sure to check out page 5.  There's a wonderful article about a classmate of ours, Laura Ring Doll.  Good going Laura!!

Hope to see you all at the 50th...many, many thanks to Jim Bland and all those wonderful folks who helped organize the 45th.  Your work really is appreciated.  Jane































10/11/13 04:02 PM #8    

John Kline (Kline)

O.K. ,It has only been three months or so since the reunion and Jim Bland wants to know where are the pictures...  Well I didn't have any film in my camera .                                                       But I did have a card!!!    For starters you may see all the pictures at  I will get Jim a CD so he can post all on our site.    John Kline

09/18/14 11:54 AM #9    

Susan Willard (Willard)

T-Shirt idea sounds really good.  I would love to have another long sleeved AND short sleeved or even a "hoodie" .  Every one I talk with wants more Indian memorabilia.  Preorder and prepay why not?

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